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Improve your hair and scalp routine with this Lime & Lemongrass Shampoo Bar. Infused with a special blend of oils and Australian sourced lemongrass lime fragrance oil, this 60-gram bar provides a deep clean and conditioning, leaving you with soft, shiny, and healthy hair. The natural aromas of lime and lemongrass create an uplifting, spa-like experience with every use!

An Australian made and Nelson Soapery formulated blend of ingredients provides loads of bubbles and suds along with a gorgeously scented shampoo bar thats just right for you. We are committed to limiting plastics and a shampoo bar is a perfect way to do this with no plastic bottles.


SCENT A bold scent of uplifting fresh lemongrass and lime

SIZE: Available in 60g bars. (price is for one bar).  

INGREDIENTS: INGREDIENTS: Sodium coco sulphate, Behentrimonium methosulfate (and) cetyl alcoholbutylene glycol, Steric acid (OCTADECANOIC ACID), SCI powder, Lauric acid, Jojoba oil (SIMMONDSIA CHINENSIS), Pomegranate seed oil (PUNICA GRANATUM),  Polyquaternium 39 (conditioning agent), Witch hazel (HAMAMELIS VIRGINIANA, Water, Alcohol), Coconut water (COCOS NUCIFERA WATER), DLPanthanol (VITAMIN B), Cococa butter, (THEOBROMA CACAO SEED BUTTER) Hydrolyzed oats (AVENA SATIVA MEAL EXTRACT), Fragrance oil, Optiphen plus Preservitive, Mica

DIRECTIONS: Create a lather with the shampoo bar and water and massage through your hair until you get the suds and shampoo foaming up, wash out with water and continue with our conditioning bar. for external use only.

WARNING: If irritation or redness occurs discontinue use and rinse off with clean cool water and seek advise as required.

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