Covid Prevention Plan

To help limit the possibility of covid infection we have created prcedures and have implemented simple steps to make sure we are following good hyiene practices.

  1. Gloves, masks and safety equipment is worn when creating products.
  2. All surfaces are sanitised with 99% - 100% isapropal (rubbing alcohol) prior to any products being made and all utensils and machinery that is required for the products is sanitised on the day of product creation.
  3. Clothes, aprons and protective wear is washed daily.
  4. Postage boxes and satchels are kept out of reach and are only touched on the day of postage to try to minimise the amount of people touching items.
  5. Items are stored on sanitised shelving or in clean sanitised plastic boxes.
  6. All items are documented and batched marked for easy tracking.
  7. Products are either shrink sealed or have protective seal wrap where possible. Candles are in glass sanitised containers with sealed lids.
  8. Staff regually wash their hands with soap and water and sanitiser is available to use.